Limited Editions & Exhibition Catalogues

Bibliographic information: A Winter Ship. Edinburgh: The Tragara Press, 1960.

Contents: A Winter Ship (the single poem).

Bibliographic information: Uncollected Poems. London: Turret Books, 1965.

Contents: 12 poems. Blackberrying, Wuthering Heights, A life, Crossing the water, Private ground, An appearance, Finisterre, Insomniac, I am vertical, Candles, and Parliament Hill fields. Includes a facsimile of "Half-Moon", a variant version of the poem "Thalidomide".

Plath's drawing of Top Withens (Wuthering Heights) appears on the cover.

Bibliographic information: Mirror. Edinburgh: Tragara Press, 1966.

Contents: 1 poem. Printed on both sides. Title and date on recto; poem Mirror on verso.

Image provided courtesty of Revere Books. [Larger image possibly forthcoming...]

Bibliographic information: Three Women: A Monologue for Three Voices. London: Turret Books, 1968.

Contents: Plath's verse poem, Three Women, with an introduction by Douglas Cleverdon.

Bibliographic information: Three Women. Unknown place and unknown date.

Contents: Pirated edition of Plath's verse poem, Three Women.

Bibliographic information: Wreath for a Bridal. Frensham, Farnham, Surrey: Sceptre Press, 1970.

Contents: Wreath for a Bridal (the single poem).

Bibliographic information: The Surgeon at 2 a.m. & Other Poems. Portland, Ore.: [s.n.], 1971.

Contents: 7 poems. Amnesiac, Stopped Dead, On Deck, Eavesdropper, Face Lift, A Life, The Surgeon at 2 a.m., and a Foreword by Matthew Kangas.

Bibliographic information: Crystal Gazer and Other Poems. London: Rainbow Press, 1971.

Contents: 23 poems. Ballade Banale, Alicante Lullaby, Leaving Early, Notes on Zarathustra's Prologue, Mad Girl's Love Song, On the Plethora of Dryads, The Dream of the Hearse-Driver (The Dream), Go Get the Goodly Squab, The Beggars, Circus in Three Rings, The Goring, Admonitions, Recantation, Crystal Gazer, Stopped Dead, Mirror, Face Lift, Zoo Keeper's Wife, Heavy Woman, Last Words, Fable of the Rhododendron Stealers, Lament, and Yadwigha, on a Red Couch, among Lilies: A Sestina for the Douanier.

Bibliographic information: Fiesta Melons. Exeter [Eng.]: Rougemont Press, 1971.

Contents: Same as below.

Bibliographic information: Fiesta Melons. Exeter [Eng.]: Rougemont Press, 1971.

Contents: 10 poems, 14 drawings. Green Rock, Winthrop Bay, Two Lovers and a Beachcomber by the Real Sea, Battle-Scene from the Comic Opera Fantasy "The Seafarer", Complaint of the Crazed Queen (The Queen's Complaint), Dream of the Hearse-Driver (The Dream), Southern Sunrise, Fiesta Melons, The Surgeon at 2 a.m., November Graveyard, and Yadwigha, on a Red Couch, among Lilies: A Sestina for the Douanier, and an introduction by Ted Hughes.

Bibliographic information: Among the Narcissi. [Ashington, Eng.: MidNAG], 1971.

Contents: Broadside, illustrated, and the poem.

Bibliographic information: Lyonnesse. London: Rainbow Press, 1971.

Contents: 21 poems and two facsimiles. A Winter's Tale, Mayflower, Epitaph for Fire and Flower, Old Ladies' Home, Wreath for a Bridal, Metamorphoses of the Moon, Owl, Child, Electra on Azalea Path, In Midas' Country, Tinker Jack and the Tidy Wives, Two Campers in Cloud Country, The Rabbit Catcher, The Detective, On the Difficulty of Conjuring up a Dryad, The Snowman on the Moor, Widow, The Other Two, Gigolo, Brasilia, and Lyonnesse.

Bibliographic information: Million Dollar Month. Frensham, Farnham, Surrey: Sceptre Press. 1971.

Contents: Million Dollar Month (the single poem).

Bibliographic information: Child: A Poem. Exeter, [Eng.]: Rougemont Press, 1971.

Contents: Child (the single poem). Reproduces Plath's manuscript copy of the poem with revisions as well as a typescript.

Bibliographic information: Pursuit. London: Rainbow Press, 1973.

Contents: 14 poems with etchings and drawings by Leonard Baskin. Dark Wood, Dark Water, Resolve, Temper of Time, The Shrike, Faun, The Lady and the Earthenware Head, Pursuit, Doomsday, Words Heard, by Accident, Over the Phone, Stings [2], Spider, The Fearful, The Rival [2], A Secret, and Burning the Letters.

Bibliographic information: To Eva Descending the Stair. London: Steam Press, 1974.

Contents: Broadside, illustrated and signed by Ralph Steadman.

Bibliographic information: To Eva Descending the Stair Wrapper. London: Steam Press, 1974.

Contents: Wrapper for the broadside. Stamped in blind with the Steam Press logo.

Bibliographic information: Trois Poemes Inedits. Paris: Edition Dufour, 1975.

Contents: Prints three untitled, uncollected poems by Plath. The first lines of which are:
1. "A time of clear white understanding: / While the willow tree twirls yellow leaves . . ."
2. "The sweet sickish female odor / Behind the dim blinds of a scented boudoir -- . . ."
3. "Something there was about the time / And the lighted Boston streets . . ."

Bibliographic information: Ariel and Morning Song. Unknown publisher, 1977?.

Contents: Broadside, illustrated, printing the poems Ariel and Morning Song.

Bibliographic information: Two Poems. Knotting, Bedfordshire: Sceptre Press, 1980.

Contents: Two poems, Firesong and Incommunicado.

Bibliographic information: Two Uncollected Poems. London: Anvil, 1980.

Contents: Two previously uncollected poems, Dialogue Between Ghost and Priest (1956) and Child's Park Stones (1958).

Bibliographic information: A Day in June. Ely [Cambridgeshire]: Embers Handpress, 1981.

Contents: The single story "A Day in June" (1949).

Bibliographic information: Dialogue Over a Ouija Board. Cambridge, England: Rainbow Press, 1981.

Contents: The single poem, Dialogue Over a Ouija Board, and a drawing by Leonard Baskin.

Bibliographic information: The Green Rock. Ely [Cambridgeshire]: Embers Handpress, 1982.

Contents: The single story The Green Rock (1949).

Bibliographic information: Stings: Original Drafts of the Poem in Facsimile, Reproduced from the Sylvia Plath Collection at Smith College. Northampton, Mass.: Smith College Library Rare Book Room, 1985.

Contents: Facsimiles drafts of Plath's poem Stings (1962) and an essay by Susan R. van Dyne.

Bibliographic information: Above the Oxbow. Northampton [Mass.]: Catawba Press.
Contents: Introduction, Above the Oxbow (poem); Above the Oxbow (story); Child's Park Stones; Journal, June 11, 1958; and Fable of the Rhododendron Stealers.

Illustrations: Portrait of Sylvia Plath; Prospect House on Skinner Mountain; The rose garden, Child's Park; Rhododendron. Wood engravings by Barry Moser.

Bibliographic information: The Magic Mirror: A Study of the Double in Two of Dostoevsky's Novels. Rhiwargor, Llanwddyn, Powys [Wales]: Embers Handpress, 1989.

Contents: Plath's senior thesis (1955).

Bibliographic information: The Magic Mirror: A Study of the Double in Two of Dostoevsky's Novels. Rhiwargor, Llanwddyn, Powys [Wales]: Embers Handpress, 1989.

Contents: Plath's senior thesis (1955).

Bibliographic information: Child. London: Poems on the Underground., 1992.

Contents: Broadside of Plath's poem Child for display on London Underground trains.

Bibliographic information: Pigeon Post. London: Turret Bookshop, 1993.

Contents: Broadside of the previously uncollected single poem, Pigeon Post.

Bibliographic information: Living in Print: The Legacy of Sylvia Plath: An Exhibition of Selections from the James R. and Mary M. Patton Collection, Rare Book Collection, Wilson Library, October 1-December 31, 1997. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1997.

Contents: Catalogue of selected items from the Patton collection; includes some scans of book covers.

Bibliographic information: "No Other Appetite": Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, and the Blood Jet of Poetry. New York: Grolier Club, 2005.

Contents: An exhibition held at the Grolier Club from 14 September through 19 November 2005, drawn largely from the Sylvia Plath Collection at Smith College and the Ted Hughes Papers and Library at Emory University.

Bibliographic information: Sylvia Plath: Her Drawings. London: Mayor Gallery, 2011.

Contents: An exhibition catalogue containing images from "Sylvia Plath: Her Drawings" held at the Mayor Gallery from 2 November through 16 December 2011. Contains an introduction by Frieda Hughes entitled, "Sylvia Plath as Artist" and 44 photographic reproductions from the exhibit, a biography and bibliography. Limited to 1000 copies.

Bibliographic information: Paper Doll. Sackville, Canada: Owens Art Gallery, 2011.

Contents: This publication coincides with the exhibition Paper Doll held at the Owens Art Gallery from 16 September to 6 November 2011. Cover art and insides reproduce paper dolls created by Sylvia Plath.